Monday, 10 October 2011

Initial concepts and background art

 Initial sketch of the cliff for the title/establishing shot.  The middle version with clouds at the bottom instead of trees is the one we went for, with the dark one on the left showing what the scene will look like during the storm.

 This is an actual background from the film, still a work in progress at the moment.  It's going to be part of a vertical pan and needs a lot more detail still to make it work when viewed really close up.

 Our film is set in a tropical rainforest environment (with a big cliff) so the above image isn't very relevant in terms of flora, it's just an experiment in creating several moveable layers of an image to create the impression of perspective when they are moved.  This was going to become both increasing complex and limiting to our animation due to time constraints, so we opted for shots that wouldn't require a perspective shift.  Now when our character flies, while the camera does follow him, it's from the side rather than directly behind.

A few concepts of how the tree attaches to the cliff, the style/shape of the cliff, and possibilities for how it all might be textured.  Originally we considered having a 3D element in the film, the tree, and these images would ultimately be projected onto it so it matched the 2D elements in style.  This was again just an added complication, so we simplified the idea down, and removed the 3D work entirely.


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